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Welcome to St. Aidan's

Welcome to our website. We hope you will use it to keep up with Parish news, upcoming events and service times and as a general source of information about our parish community.



St. Aidan's is located in Manor Road, not far from the Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre.

Sunday 08 th January – The Epiphany of the Lord
    9:15am + Joan Angier
    11:00am +Peter Cotterill
    12:00 noon Baptism, Foy Famiy

Monday 09 th January, Baptism of the Lord
    9:15am + H. A. Marshall
    7:00pm Vigil of Christian Burial +Mary Durcan

Tuesday 10 th January
    10:00 am +Mass of Christian Burial +Mary Durcan

Wednesday 11 th January
    9:15am No service

Thursday 12 th January
    9:15am + A. G. Farrell

Friday 13 th January
    9:15am + Ulahannan Thomas

Saturday 14 th January
    9:15am +Cassidy Family
    9:45am Sacrament of Reconciliation
    10:00am Christmas Decoations Removed and Party

Sunday 15 th January – Second Sunday of the Year
    9:15am + Mrs Eugenie Preston
    11:00am +Rosalyn Willis