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Welcome to St. Aidan's

Welcome to our website. We hope you will use it to keep up with Parish news, upcoming events and service times and as a general source of information about our parish community.



St. Aidan's is located in Manor Road, not far from the Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre.

Parish Mass Schedule: THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD 13th January 2019

Saturday 12th January
    5pm Confessions (Cathedral)
    6pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)
    (Vilma Chan RIP, Elizabeth Barden RIP, Bill McQuillan RIP, Bonnie O’Dwyer Int)

Sunday 13th January – THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD

    8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Henry & Marnie Redding RIP, John Sullivan RIP, Margaret & Michael Donnelly RIP, Joan Moore Int)
    11am Mass (Cathedral)
    (John, Vera & Joe Doran RIP, John Knox RIP, Margaret Spooner RIP, Virginia Tyler Int)
    5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Hewitt Family RIP, Les Tweed RIP, Karen Rista RIP, Sidney Holt Sick)

Monday 14th January
    7pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Canon Denis McSweeney RIP, Jim Morgan RIP, James Downey RIP, John Morgan Int)

Tuesday 15th January

    9.30 Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Bridie Faulkner RIP, Elizabeth Joseph RIP, Suresh Amlani RIP, Jo & Nick Int)

Wednesday 16th January

    9.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Breda Clough RIP, Patricia Murphy Int, Maureen Gray Int, Gerry McNamee Int)
    5pm Reception of John Shoreland RIP (Cathedral)

Thursday 17th January – St Anthony

    11am Funeral Mass for John Shoreland RIP (Cathedral)

Friday 18th January

    8.45am-9.45am Holy Hour (Cathedral)
    9.15am Confessions (Cathedral)
    10am Mass (Cathedral)
    (The Bodkin Family RIP, Maureen Leong RIP, Aiden Austin Int, Eileen Duffy Int)

Saturday 19th January
    9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Michael Moriarty RIP, Kathleen Murray RIP, Roshan & Family Int, Kathleen Curran Int)
    10am Confessions (St Aidan’s)
    5pm Confessions (Cathedral)
    6pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)
    (Nellie & Frank O’Callaghan RIP, Pat Dolan RIP, Maud & Ken Ferrison RIP, Caroline Richards Int)

Sunday 20th January – SECOND SUNDAY OF THE YEAR (C)
    8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Tom & Betty O’Brien RIP, John O’Brien RIP, Harry O’Malley RIP, Maudestine Antoine-Cadore RIP)
    9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Joan Angier RIP, Tommy Togher RIP, Ellen & John Fitzpatrick RIP, Patsy Walsh Int)
    11am Mass (Cathedral)
    5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Mary McHugh RIP, Albertina Plazas RIP, Louis McLoughlin RIP, Blessed Cyprian Tansi)
    7pm Churches Together Ecumenical Service (Cathedral)